Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my password?
Use this web page to have your password emailed to you. if you didn't supply an email address just email with your name and alias(es) and ask them nicely to remind you of your old one.

Can I change my alias?
No. However you may rejoin with a different alias but you will start with a score of zero.

How do I change my password and other details?
Email with your current details and an explanation of any changes you require.

How many times can I join?
We prefer that you only join once. A single alias can be used to play all three competitions. Two aliases may be tolerated, but any more is considered an abuse of the competition and unfair to other tippers. We regularly check for "cheaters", and remove them.

Can I submit my tips via email?
No. The web site is the only available interface.

I can't make it to the web site in time. Can I still submit tips?
If you have a valid reason, and you send them via email to before the game begins, we may consider adding them manually for you.

When do I have to submit my tips by?
Anytime before the official match start time. These times are listed in our fixture. Historically this was 60 minutes before the start time, but that restriction was removed for the 2019 season.

When are the tipper rankings updated?
The morning after all the round's matches have been played. This usually corresponds to Monday 12:00pm but may vary with holidays such as Easter weekend. In 2006+, this will probably be Tuesday due to game 8 usually being played on Monday nights.

How to I change my tips once I've already entered them?
You can use the Enter Tips to modify your existing tips.

Are there any prizes for winning?
We have had prizes for student entries in past years. However, as of and since 2006, there have been no prizes.

The web site isn't working. What do I do?
Email with details of problems you are having. Email can only be replied to from Monday to Friday.

What happens during the finals?
Business as usual. We play right up to and including the grand final.

Is it too late to join once the season has already begun?
If you join the probabilistic competition late, you are usually pretty well off, as you begin with a score of zero and many (over confident) tippers already have a negative score after the first few rounds. This also applies to some extent to the Gaussian competition. Usually it is harder to catch up in the normal competition if you miss two or more weeks.

The rankings page takes so long to load and display. What can I do?
We agree this a problem. If you are a student, viewing the "Students Only" ladders will improve things as it is only about one quarter of the size of the overall ladder. For everyone else you can just view your result for a round on your personal season profile page.

How do I leave the competition?
Stop sending me these stupid reminders every week!
If you don't wish to be a part of the competition anymore, please send a polite email to with your alias(es) and passwords, and we will remove you.

Is my email address kept private?
Yes - your email address will not be published on any web pages. It is kept on a secure Unix system and is only used to email reminder messages to you each week.

How did the competition begin?
Where can I read more about the history and technical details?
Try our history and further reading pages, perhaps especially pointers from the (2008) ``Foreword re C. S. Wallace''.